The AVENT Teat silik.Airflex variable flow-image

The AVENT Teat silik.Airflex variable flow

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Designed for children from 3 months. Avent AIRFLEX variable flow teat 2 pieces of regulating the rotation of the vial.

Silicone replacement teat Avent baby bottles. Airflex teat your child makes the transition from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. Clinical test showed that two children suffering from colic AVENT bottles fed less often than children fed with normal bottles. No BPA (Bisphenol A). The width of the bottom of approx. 5,5 cm. Pack contains 2 PCs.

AVENT soothers are made of a soft and thin silicon. Ribbing is extended and the pacifier is slightly higher overall. The sealing edge is reduced. These innovations guarantee stability of shape of pacifiers and even better similarity with breastfeeding Moms from the breast.

Silicon teat AVENT is designed so that its shape and features the most resembled my mother's breast. Has a special patented edge that acts as a one-way valve. Teat allows flow of air into the bottle during feeding, thus preventing the formation of vacuum in the bottle. The child does not need a pacifier when feeding and can drink continuously as in breastfeeding without swallowing air. Just polykaný air during feeding raises cry caused by painful bloating or colic.

Clinical trials carried out by the universities of London and Cambridge have shown that newborn feeding bottles and AVENT have suffered less kolikami after waking up they were happier than children who have been fed from the ordinary bottles.

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