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Learn how to properly care for your skin. Without what is essential and what to reach in the case of dehydration, we will advise you.

Daily and night cream
Your morning should start by cleaning the skin and then applying the cream. Day cream has a light composition, well absorbed and gives the skin the necessary nutrition throughout the day. Before going to bed apply a night cream, has a denser structure and contains more of the active substances than the day cream. Creams vote according to age and ideally from the same cosmetic series, the effects will be visible.

Eye creams and serums
The eye area is very prone to the formation of fine facial wrinkles. To improve the strength and elasticity of the skin in this area, you can use creams or serums that reinforce the structure of the skin, leaving it smooth and eliminate the formation of wrinkles. Minimize the manifestations of aging of your skin.

Lifting products
The use of lifting products will make your skin look fresh and youthful. These products contain collagen which smoothes deep wrinkles and reduces their emergence. Regular use will result in the revitalization of the skin elasticity and lifting effect. Grow young again, even without painful injections and a scalpel.

Facial masks
Calls if your tired skin after instant uplift, then treat her mask. Within a few minutes the mask removes the signs of fatigue, skin nourish, perfectly refreshes and tones up. Your skin is constantly exposed to adverse effects, treat her real reward in the form of a nourishing mask.

Peeling contains tiny particles that deep cleans the skin, shedding her dead skin cells, accelerate the regeneration and leaves the skin silky soft. Peeling is appropriate to use prior to application of the mask.

Moisturizing and cleansing water micelle
As well as no cream, no woman would not do without quality facial or cleaning mineral water. These water skin perfectly remove make-up, tone and prepares it for use.