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How to choose a product in the category Perfume

Choose a fragrance designed just for you is not at all easy, and therefore, when choosing a perfume follow mainly their own feelings. Don't affect the surroundings, you will use it yet.

Characteristics of perfumes
Perfumes are the most intense scent, contain the highest percentage of odoriferous substances, and therefore are typically used only for special festive events or on the evening. With their applications, be careful and remember that less is sometimes more. It is best to use the behind the ear and really only in small drops, you can always add, but subtracted just barely.
Maybe your way to the heavily spiced perfumes you will find up to a ripe old age, because you will feel too heavy. Believe me, it is a habit. The disadvantage is that some perfumes can leave stains on clothing, therefore, apply to the skin. For someone can be a minus, and their higher price compared to parfemovanými or bath water. The price of the smell is determined by the quantity of aromatic essential oils.

Selection of perfume
As soon as you decide to buy perfume, Your first steps should be directed to the icon between the perfume Chanel No. 5, then without a doubt the most famous perfume of all time. Has earned a number of women's and maybe gets you.
When choosing a perfume, the smell's first try on the attached test papers and wait a moment until the smell of uleží. If you are a perfume and something will appeal to, apply it on your wrist or elbow socket where pleasantly unfolds. Even if your perfume smells on paper, it does not mean that you will smell good on your skin. Each person has its specific aroma and perfume smells on each a little differently, so it is important to try the fragrance directly on the body.
When choosing a perfume note, that consists of three parts and each one smells a little differently. It is good to let the smell of marinated, to see if You smell the smell, which is base on your senses.