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Dynamic Lovi teat affects proper development of whole oral cavity of a child:
Active sucking a pacifier and bottle-dynamic Lovi are designed so that "learned" child when sucking actively work as well as when breastfeeding, which stimulates proper development of whole of oral cavity. Profiled cylinder shape allows correct way to hold LOVI and bottle can move identically with rhythm and force sucking child., speech development-neurologopedů research shows that active sucking stimulates space, which is involved in development of speech, dynamic Lovi teat allows active training these posts already from first days of life, a healthy bite – wide, mouth of child easily grasp base of baby during feeding Lovi deform, supports development of natural, correct bite, and it creates a nice smile of your child, Correct breathing – shape of soother Lovi requires proper application of lips and teaches child to breathe correctly through nose, Protikolikový pacifier-Soother unique venting minimizes possibility of children's colic.


Dynamic Lovi teat made from heterogeneous layers of Silicon during feeding modifies its shape (extended), adapting to the rhythm and strength of a child like her mother's sucking the breast during breastfeeding. A system of internal holes created by model laktačních Canal (slows down) regulates the flow of food and stimulates the child to active sucking.

Allows you to combine breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

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