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Garnier light ash blonde Color naturals 8.1

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Volume110 ml


Garnier Color Naturals with a double care olive oil 100% covers gray hair. Natural olive oil seeps along with barvicími pigments deeply into the hair structure, prevents them from drying and leaves is exceptionally soft and radiant.

Intensive cream colour of Garnier Color Naturals is enriched with 3 of the olive oil, avocado and shea nuts, which penetrates to the core the hair and gives them a natural long-lasting vibrant color. Intensive color brighten your hair and gives a beautiful shine. Three kinds of caring oils nourish and closing the hair fibre. covers grey hair 100%.

Color menu Garnier Color Naturals is represented to date 25 shades! 5 of them are in a completely new in a beautiful Brown and black formations: Ultra black, Fine black, brown-black, caramel, dark mahogany, mahogany, a pale ice.

On vyživených the hair holds color better and is more beautiful-what folders contain color on hair Garnier Color Naturals

Olive oil contains fatty acids, natural vitamin E, and minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and trace elements. After the hair is beautifully shiny and look healthy. Give a damaged hair vitality and vitamins, in addition to act preventively against fraying ends.

Avocado is considered the most nutritious fruits that mother nature gave us. Rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, D and E, it is necessary for the growth and health of the person.One of the biggest advantages of the avocado oil are its nourishing properties. Helps to solve a number of problems: hair loss, thinning or dandruff. Its light texture is rapidly absorbed into the hair fibres and nourishes it from the inside.

Thanks to its unique content of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and mikroelementů is the shea nuts very effective in the care of the skin of the entire body and hair. Has a higher content of vitamins A and E than cocoa and is necessary for the health of the skin and hair. Fatty acids to maintain elasticity of hair fibres and shipped him to softness and shine.

Daniela Peštová-face color hair Garnier Color Naturals

Daniela Peštová, last year decided to join his face with the colors on the hair Color Naturals. The Color of the Naturals are one of the most popular hair colors on the Czech spotřebitelek since 2004 and stably maintain a position of no 3 on the market. Are unique for their nourishing abilities-energize your hair not only natural vibrant color, but also intensively care for the hair fibre.

For mature women (35-59 years) is determined by the long-lasting intensive colouring cream GARNIER COLOR NATURALS with a double care olive oil 100% covers gray hair. Natural olive oil seeps along with barvicími pigments deeply into the hair structure, prevents them from drying and leaves is exceptionally soft and radiant. Thanks to the final care, also with the olive oil, the hair after coloring, intense hue without hair are perfectly protected and shiny. Due to the fact that the color of nestéká, the application is easy and fast. In addition, your surroundings, you can surprise some of the magnificent 27 shades.

How to do it?

Prior to application, prepare a plastic or glass bowl and brush or brush on hair dye, if the color is applied using a brush. Load the gloves and clothing to protect the shoulders lay the towel.

Quantity needed an oxidation reagent pour into a bowl and add the required amount of colouring cream (see instructions for use).

Using a brush or a brush colouring to thoroughly mix the cream with the agent, until a homogeneous mixture. Then immediately apply.

After a period of time, add a little lukewarm water into your hair.

The hair gently to blend, use napěnila.

Then rinse hair thoroughly until the water trickling from your hair will not be clear. Finally, adjust the hair as you used to.

Care for coloured hair: dyed hair are beautiful and brilliant, but if you want the color to last a long time and hair to remain shiny for a long time, and a vibrant, treat them with special care. For the treatment of colored hair as there are many products – shampoos and regenerative preparations, for example, a number of Garnier Fructis color resistance that includes shampoo, lotion, bezoplachovou care, restorative mask and immediate nourishing mask. The use of these products after stain shelf hue and coloured hair nutrition, flexibility and shine in the time between barveními. And it is for your hair and your good feeling important.

What color you choose-sexy blonde ... mysterious purple ... dynamic red ... dreamily chocolate ... – it is up to you. But always think, whether in the new color you feel well and that is suitable for your skin tone and eye color. Hair dye is not difficult, so if you do not intend to spend at the hairdresser, you can turn a playfully at home!

What colour to choose?

Hair coloring is considered to most women as part of the care, lets them completely, radically change the color of your hair, to revive the custom shade and get a wonderful shine. Today's products for dyeing hair not only they're repainting and enlivened, but some also contain components (for example, various fruit oils, olive oil, etc.), which is protected and delivered them the much needed nourishment and care.

On the market you will find products for both short-term and long-term – you can choose the colour toning shampoo and foam on the top layer of the hair, wrap, and during 3-8 washing of the hair completely wash out.Mostly used for short-term changes in the appearance or resurgence of the natural hair color.

Přelivové užlehce colors permeate into the hair structure and contain a very small amount of oxidizing substances. Give your hair shiny and beautiful appearance. The color washes out soon (lasts about 20 washing), and so it is necessary to repeat the dye every 6 – 8 weeks.

Permanent colours permeate deep into the hair structure, which have high covering ability, and therefore is used for a distinct change of hair color, or if you need to cover gray hair. In her hair holding still, if you want to change, you must recolor the hair or let it grow out. Zesvětlovače, which belongs to the permanent colors, are used to significantly lightening the hair (up to 4-6 shades) or to remove a color pigment, if you want to drastically lighten already colored hair or radically change their natural hair color.

Home dyeing is a breeze.

On the market there are enough colors for home dyeing, which is simple and you can handle during the fly. Just read the instructions supplied with each product and everything you need to prepare in advance – the protective towel, gloves, which are usually included in the package, nonmetallic Bowl and brush, if it's not about the color, which is applied from the application bottle, and of course the selected product. Before applying the mixture for sure check according to the instructions in the manual, if you are not allergic to any component of the product. When the application can then be quiet, coloring has no effect on the disease, damage or loss of hair, etc. On the one hand, therefore, that any changes in the hair above the skin are happening, and so the normal arrangements will not affect what is going on inside the base of the hair, but also because of the current products often contain ingredients that your hair when coloring care and protect them.

You may be surprised that after the first coloring of the hair color washes out faster, mostly after repeated staining, however, begins to accumulate in the hair and slightly you can recognize how the hair gradually odrůstají. Therefore, you will need to color the roots over time. It is, however, not problematic or difficult. Basically you just need to apply the color only on the space, which grew out of time and color on them is missing, and the last 10 minutes to scour the lengths of color to the ends. There are already dyed her hair from the past, and so their color by the brighten during the last ten minutes.

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