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Stop you with an unpleasant odor and sweating. Indeed, in our market there is a wide range of products, which will help you feel fresh. Forget the sweaty clothes on hot summer days, when the sport or in stressful situations. Select the product that you will be seated. Deodorants and antiperspirants belongs to our daily hygiene and yet finds a lot of the women that between these two products do not make differences. Believe that their effects are different, and that's why. Let's introduce their main characteristics.

An Antiperspirant
If you suffer from excessive sweating, so take antiperspirant in the drugstore. He helps to reduce the amount of sweat, which secrete Your sweat glands, but the odor and harmful bacteria they.

Deodorants are an effective fighter against the smell, because it destroys the bacteria that cause it. Make sure that You get rid of perspiration deodorant, we have an antiperspirant. To make our life easier, scientists have developed a product that combines the features of both the previous products. This is an antiperspirant deodorant. This product prevents how sweating, unpleasant odor. All these products can be found in drug stores in a variety of forms, you can choose between the spray, rigid or roll-ball products. Each of us is something else, and therefore, the cosmetic companies trying to develop products that are sitting in all directions. If you are troubled by sensitive skin after shaving or depilation, choose alcohol-free products, which can irritate the skin.

Application of deodorant
As well as the selection of the product is important and its correct application. Products apply to clean dry skin, preferably after bath or shower, as well as to achieve their maximum effect. Before you put, make sure that the product is well dry, prevent wiping and nasty white stain on your clothing.