Avent comforter Sensitive Imagination 0-6 m.-image

Avent comforter Sensitive Imagination 0-6 m.

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For age0-6 m months
Colorwhite colour, blue color


Orthodontic, collapsible and symmetrical proboscis AVENT respects the natural development of the gums, teeth and dental palate of the child even in the case when the comforter in the mouth of a child.

New comforters Sensitive offers miminkům for even more comfort. These comforters have more holes in the wheels, which provide greater air circulation and prevent the accumulation of saliva behind the wheel.

Sucking calms babies. As well as many other parents before you, you will find that the use of dummies in the moments when all the methods leading to lull a child to fail, is the only way to keep your baby was quiet and repose in peace. This is true before bedtime and at any other time.

Babies will sleep easier, less šidítkem to move in his sleep and remain lying on the back, which is recommended by pediatricians. Use of the soother babies decreases the dependency on the bottle, reduces the possibility of damage to the teeth and can reduce the risk of dental problems at a later age in comparison with the long-term cucáním inches, which creates undue pressure on the floor and the front teeth.

All AVENT Dummies are silicone. Silicone is taste and smell, comforters have a longer life and are easier to clean than the rubber Dummies.

Always use a comforter that its size corresponds to the age of the child. Design toys is regularly amended.

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