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ASATEX-against hair loss and thinning hair 20 x 3 ml

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An extensive three-month multicenter study, which was conducted in 200 dermatological centers with 1900 participants. Evaluating effectiveness of doctors was focused on pull test (test jerk), Seborrhoeu, and seborrhoická Dermatitis, compatibility, and satisfaction with product as a cosmetic product ASATEX ®
number of Dermatology center 200
number of participants 1900 (990 women 910 men)
Application time 90 days
Preparation ASATEXU ® applicator of 3 ml
Application Once daily in evening


ASATEX ® Swiss Melatonin Hair Formula helps hair loss and thinning hair, stimulates the growth of hair, strengthens the hair roots slow the aging process of hair for external use for hair loss thinning hair and a simple, practical and fast to use, without additional applicator

The first hair product with Melatonin-hormone youth

ASATEX ® Swiss Melatonin Hair Formula is the first cosmetic product for external use on the hair, stimulating hair growth using melatonin. The product is recommended for men and women, suffering from short-hair loss, which is caused by various factors, such as stress, disorders and seasonal influences. ASATEX ® is particularly suitable for use in the early stages of hair loss and thinning hair. Protects hair from harmful environmental influences, the internal oxidative damage and slows down the aging process of hair (anti-aging). ASATEX ® helps to improve the structure and the appearance of hair loss with their long-term problems, particularly those that are caused by inherited factors. The product was developed for use in the early stages of hair loss and thinning hair.

The unique patented composition

The first product based on Melatonin containing this substance linked to a specific carrier, which is protected by worldwide patents. Melatonin ASATEX ® combines with the other two, naturally occurring substances: Ginkgo bilobou and Biotin. The unique triple effect of melatonin, Ginkgo long and Biotin strengthens hair roots, improves hair structure and thus effectively acts against hair loss and thinning hair. Helps for good blood circulation in the scalp and hair roots strengthening. The product is an effective measure against hair loss and aging process of hair. Melatoninová formula was developed in Switzerland and has been tested in close cooperation with international research centres and leading experts dealing with the issue of hair. And, more importantly, studies are carried out on people (volunteers), which show that ASATEX ® really works and helps to improve the appearance and texture of the hair.

Help your hair retain what they have

One of the latest weapons in the fight against hair loss is ASATEX ® Swiss Melatonin Hair Formula. This unique, new, exclusively natural Swiss hair product for local application can improve the quality, appearance and texture of your hair. Can support the status of healthy follicles and reducing damage caused by sunlight, dirty air and other environmental factors. Its application is easy, only once daily in the evening 5-7 days a week. You don't have to change your existing hair care regime. You don't have to give up your favorite shampoos and conditioners. Also great with ASATEX ® on color-treated hair or hair. If you struggle with the frustration and shame from the sparse and vypadávajících hair, ASATEX ® Swiss Melatonin Hair Formula is a product for which they waited!

Easy to use

To make sure that you always receive the maximum benefits of the unique, patented composition of exclusively natural ingredients product ASATEX ® Swiss Melatonin Hair Formula is the right application of the product. Its application differs from other products. The application of the product is practical ASATEX ® jednodávkovým aplikátorům a breeze. There is no need to measure or predict anything. Each jednodávkový applicator contains the ideal amount of preparation, ASATEX ®.

As medicine

ASATEX ® Swiss Melatonin Hair Formula is supplied in single-use ampoules. Each of the plastic ampoules contains sufficient quantity for one daily application, ASATEXU ®. Disposable vial open odkroucením the end of the tip. Apply on dry, ASATEX ® directly to the scalp before bedtime. Fingertips, gently apply a resource across the skin in areas where it occurs to hair thinning. Use this product once a day for 5-7 days a week, for at least 3 months. One package (20x3ml) is designed for 1 month. For best results continue, after their three-month bark, in the daily application of the product for a period of 4 weeks, and every other month. The tests did not limit the effect of the ASATEXU ® if the bark makes hair coloring, perms, or apply other hair products.

The contents of the ampoule disposable once daily in the evening, massaged in, into a dry scalp

From the pětikusového set snap one ampoule. Turn the latch to release it entirely.

Place the tip of the vial to the scalp so that the phial was in a vertical position, and apply evenly on the entire contents of the affected area. Alternatively, you can press the ampoule gently.

Preparation lightly massage into the scalp with your fingers.

The duration of use

On the basis of the results of clinical studies, ASATEX ® recommends the use of at least 3 months. If necessary, you can apply without interruption over the long term. For best results you should after completion of the first three-month treatments application product ASATEX ® repeat every other month.

The unique composition of the anti hair loss

ASATEX ® is a unique product for hair care with a unique triple effect of melatonin, Ginkgo aBiotinu long. Melatoninová formula and its use is patented. And it was this fantastic formula product ASATEX ® Swiss Melatonin Hair Formula contains the following three powerful ingredients of natural origin. When these three powerful ingredients are combined into a single product, can give your hair a new lease on life. And just this product is ASATEX ®, which has a unique triple effect three components of the natural origin of the Melatonin, Ginkgo long and Biotin.

Three key ingredients against hair loss


Melatonin stimulates the hair root and hair growth and prevents hair loss and thinning hair. Melatonin is a powerful antioxidant effects. Effect of melatonin on the activity of the hair follicle has been investigated in numerous studies. In the recently published clinical study, which shows that the local application of melatonin affects hair growth in people who suffer from difusním or androgenic hair loss (British Journal of Dermatology 2004; 150: 341-345). More about the effects of melatonin as a substance to help against hair loss and thinning hair can be found in the section of Melatonin.

An important factor against the aging process of hair (anti-aging)

Stimulačně and regulatory acts on hair roots

As an antioxidant, protecting cells in the hair root against harmful environmental influences and stress

Ginkgo biloba

Ginkgo biloba is a plant extract which has a whole range of positive effects. It has a favourable effect on the peripheral blood circulation and can thus improve the nutrition of the hair follicle, which has a positive effect on hair growth. At the same time represents the antioxidant folder, which makes loose, toxic radicals, like melatonin and thus significantly contributes to the conservation of the hair.

A positive impact on the nutrition of the hair root

Melatonin supports (as antioxidant)

It has anti-inflammatory effects

Supports the peripheral blood circulation

Biotin (Vitamin H)

Biotin is an important vitamin (B7 or vitamin H). Ensures the proper functioning of cells, and supports their growth and participates in their metabolism. Affects the growth and differentiation of the epidermal cells and therefore is of great importance in the formation and regeneration of the scalp and hair. Biotin is the main substance necessary for normal cellular function, nutrition, growth and development.

Supports the growth and development of cells (an important nutrient)

It supports the formation of keratin (the main constituent of hair)

Supports the Melatonin and Ginkgo bilobu in the process of aging (anti-aging)

Clinical study (MEL-COS-AS-05)


The doctors, the participants – at the beginning, after 30 and 90 days after application, ASATEXU ®

Has been shown to significantly reduce hair loss and Seborrhoei, as well as a reduction of Seborrheic Dermatitis after 30 days to 90 days. Furthermore, it was found that after the 3 month ASATEXU ® application, the number of participants decreased with 2-3 fold positive traction test from 62% to 8%. Hair regrowth was observed in 23% of participants after 90 days of product ASATEX ®. The study-the result

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